1928, Troupers of the Gold Coast

Detail, excerpt from Constance Rourke's Troupers of the Gold Coast.



Rourke, Constance, Troupers of the Gold Coast, New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1928


The image at left is taken from the May 1928 issue of the Woman's Home Companion, the forerunner of the Ladies Home Home Journal. It shows Lotta Crabtree as a child, standing outside her father's bookshop in New York, prior to his departure to San Francisco in 1852. The illustration was drawn by James Preston; the excerpt was from Rourke's study, published later that year.

Critical Reception:

Gilbert Seldes, " How, and How Not, to Write about Women," The Bookman (Book Review) January 1929, 581-583.






1928, Troupers of the Gold Coast