Deserving success

Cotton Correspondence with Francis Wilson, page 1 Cotton Correspondence with Francis Wilson, page 2
San Francisco July 8th, 1892
Mr. Francis Wilson
Dear Friend,

I have tried frequently to see you during your engagement here and talk over old times when you and your partner (Mackin) were playing in Chicago with the Arlington, Cotton & Kemble Minstrels; ah those were happy days, also how brief and how things have changed. You were then working for a moderate salary, while today you are a prosperous proprietor, which only goes to show that perseverance and determination are bound to win. While the rest of the boys were passing their time in idleness you always had your little satchel full of papers with you, from which you were laying the foundation of your present success. I can look back now and see you and our friend Kemble seated in the cars, John holding the book, hearing your French. The boys used to laugh but I says let him alone, he knows what he is doing; and I am pleased to see you are now reaping the reward of your diligence. I have often spoken of you as being a gentleman, an industrious worker, and deserving success. You have always had my best wishes, and I trust you may live to enjoy your well earned popularity for years to come. shall make one more frantic endeavor to see you before you leave the City.  In the meantime, believe me,

Yours in friendship
Ben Cotton