1860: The Banjo

Cotton Chronology


The steamer Banjo, with a band of minstels on board, is now on its return trip from New Orleans, and showed at Natchez on the 21st and 22d ult., and Vicksburg 29th and 30th.  The Banjo's route then was up the river to Napoleon and Memphis, expecting to reach St. Louis about the 1st of July.  The company consists of B.A. Cotton, J.T. Wambold, Jo. Mairs, Sam Gardner, John W. Adams, Geo. M. Hill, Mr. Herman, T. Chatfield, Mr. Pfaffenschlager, Tom Allen, Joe Kinslow, and C. Young. The boys are all well, and take this means of making known to their friends their whereabouts.  "Cotton is King," and all is serene on the old Banjo.

New York Clipper, June 9, 1860


One of the most prominent features connected with the entertainment is the introduction upon the stage of the smallest Elephant ever before seen in this country, who at the command of his keeper performs every conceivable trick except talking.  - He will be brought upon the stage and performed by Kaloo Alia, the celebrated Hindoo Elephant tamer.

The Evansville Daily Journal, July 24, 1860