The first few years: 1906-1909

Oct. 3, 1906 A

Rocky Point, Rhode Island

Aug. 10, 1907 A

Minot Light, Boston Harbor

Sept. 30, 1909 A

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

1906  The oldest card in the collection was sent by Emma, to her sister, Sarah Jane, better known as "Jennie."  On the one hand Jennie apparently wanted to collect images of the New England lighthouses, but Emma was also regularly sending images of their childhood hometown, Pawtucket, and the surrounding communities.

1907  Nantucket's transformation into a tourist economy had gained traction by the beginning of the 20th Century.  Abbie W. Roberts probably came to the Island looking for a summer job. Over the years, Jennie's friendship also netted her some cards sent to Abbie's family in Maine - the Dutton's and Dyers.  The image of Minot Light is an example.  This is to say that many cards in Jennie's collection were not necessarily addressed to her, but to friends and family, who then passed them on.

1908  There were only three cards added to Jennie's collection in 1908.  Her son, Olney, got one from somebody who traveled to the mainland.  Several were sent from a Canadian woman Jennie may have met during the summer.

!909  Emma got out and around in 1909.  There were trips to Bristol, RI, Block Island, and New York.  The Bridge made a powerful impression upon Emma, particularly the "ropes of light" that illuminated it at night.



The first few years: 1906-1909