Emma's letter: 1919

Emma's Letter





                                                                                             Pawtucket August 14, 1919

My dear Sister,

I recived your welcome letter yesterday. Too day I have made 2 apple 1 huckleberry 1 apple & 1 apple & peach pies, washed the dishes twice, made two beds, slicked up the den dining room and bedroom, got John to sleep, did all of my ironing, with a number of things for the house. Now then with my 221 lbs I am tired. But will try and just let you know how things are going. We have had electrics put in the inside of house and both piazzas. Papered three rooms and front entry down stairs painted from one end to the other and painted all but two floors, just the border in those two room. Now having cement walks in the yard. Noise.  Oh my head. The family are to move in tomorrow. I hope we shall like them (35$ per mo. In advance) 6 rooms.  It is awful hard to get tenements at that. A lot of people have had to buy a house.) Man had just come to put up the curtains downstairs. Don’t know how many more times I will have to stop. I have not had my 40 winks today. I thought about my little elephants often. The letters went. I try to think of everything.  ut I am on the old lady side now. Folks say I don’t look my age. But I am tired out. I don’t expect any vacation this year as I think it will (be?) to much for Rhoda to do the work. If we could get someone to help her I might go away for a little while.  I thought the cooking would be to much for you at the Hotel. Clara gave the niger 35$ per mo. And she had a sinch as she went to C. Island twice or three times and it did not cost her a cent.  Then she went home Wed. and Sat. nights and most of Sundays. I have not had a line from Clara since the first of May. She was very poorly then. Aunt Ann called here last Sat. She looks real bad. She thinks she would like to go see Aunt Augusta. She thinks she would be of some use to Eddie and Aunt. 80 years tomorrow. Aunt Augusta was 76 last mo. It seam so little while when we first went down their. Time flies.

I hope you will get the pkg. all right. And it was what you wanted. When the new order list comes I will send you one.  It takes a long time to get the orders. With all of the strikes.  Thank you for the birthday card and elephants and all good wishes. You cannot understand all of the confusion with the babys all of the time. Rhoda and two little ones are out for the afternoon.  Left at 2.45 PM and will return at 5.45. She cannot get out as I used to. I had one with no help. She has two with I say lots of help. 

Will I hope I have told you all this time. I am to tired to write more. The Past Noble Grands are going to Bay Spring down to Ada Fisks tomorrow. If it don’t rain I shall try and go.  I have not had a line from Olney since the 13 of May. Is he back to the Station. 

Have you seen the new baby. With the horrid name. Will by by it is most time for Rhoda. So will close. Let me know if you get the pkg. Has Claras new daughter in law and baby come to Nan.  When you can write me the news.

Lovingly Emma