September 30, 1910

Sept. 30, 1910 A Sept. 30, 1910 B

Pawtucket, R.I.  Division St. Bridge

Dear J. I have sent a box. I hope you get it all right. It left Pawt. at noon. It is paid. I do not know if I have sent all I said. Sorry I could not get ties.
lovingly Emma
Sept. 30th 1910


The box Emma sent her sister probably contained materials - cotton textiles -  that Jennie used to make dresses and other clothing.

The 1910 Federal Census, conducted on Nantucket in May, indicated that Sarah Jane (Jennie) and her son, Nelson Olney Dunham were living on Cliff Road. Her occupation was listed as "dressmaker."  She was regularly advertising her business in Nantucket's Inquirer & Mirror